2017-2018 : Tyra Renee Williams

2016-2017: Jaylee Breanna Lowe

2015-2016: Skidi Leading Fox

2014-2015: Breana Elizabeth Hill

2013-2014: Hanna Elizabeth Wensman

2012-2013: Erica Pretty Eagle Moore

2011=2012: Robynn Roan Rulo

2010-2011: Hope Libbie Ann Harjo

2009-2010: Jordan Harmon

2008-2009: Brittany Morgan Hill

2007-2008: Raven Springwater

2006-2007: Tycilla Smith 

Tulsa Indian Club

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Many of our former titleholders have gone on to hold various ambassador titles for their tribe, organizations and even state. 

All former titleholders hold an honorary lifetime membership with the Tulsa Indian Club.  As a former Tulsa Powwow Princess, we encourage you to stay actively involved and are welcome to join the Princess Committee.