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2016 - 2017
Tulsa Powwow Princess

Jaylee Breanna Lowe


Hensci Estonko!

Hi, how are you? My name is Jaylee Breanna Lowe. My Indian name "Hvsossv" means East, and was given to me by my Grandpa Wise. I am the daughter of Jerry & Charlene Lowe of Glenpool. I have an older brother Josh Lowe, also of Glenpool. My maternal
grandparents are the late Lewis & Mandy Wise of Seminole. My paternal grandparents are the late Angel & Elizabeth Lowe of Holdenville. I am a member of the Seminole 
Nation of Oklahoma & also of Mvskoke (Creek) descent. I am a member of the Hvteyievlke (newcomer) band & I am of the Nokose (bear) clan. 

I am a senior at Glenpool High School. At school I am an active member of the Family Career Community Leaders of America, Drug Free Youth, Student Council, & National Art Honor Society.

I am also a member of the Tulsa Youth Advisory Board, helping at-risk & homeless youth. For the past four years I have served as a prosecutor & Judge at the Tulsa Youth Court.  Also, I had the privilege to hold the title of 2014-2015 Jr. Miss Seminole Nation.

After high school I plan on attending a four year university then I will be furthering my education by attending Law school studying Indian/Tribal Law.  I enjoy spending my time traveling with my family, volunteering, drawing, painting, playing the piano, reading, cooking traditional foods, singing Mvskokv hyms, and spending time with my friends and extended family. I am truly blessed to have this amazing opportunity to represent the Tulsa Indian Club as the 2016-2017 Tulsa Powwow Princess. It is such an honor, not only will I be representing the organization but my tribe as well. I can use this opportunity to set a good example for the younger generation. I would like to thank the Tulsa Powwow Club and the committee for selecting me. I cannot wait to travel to new places, meet new people and create new memories.

Mvto, thank you.